Nick Bundy is a self-employed electrician based in Stafford, who has also built a strong YouTube following over the last few years. 2022 was the first year he attended InstallerSHOW – here he tells us how he found the experience.

What was your experience like at InstallerSHOW?

If I had to explain it in three words, it would be jam-packed, eventful and surprising!

Overall it was really good, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were far more stands than expected and a lot of brands to get around and see, and on top of that you could see that it was a really well-organised event, which always helps!

Were there any standout products or manufacturers at the event and why?

We went to see Aceleron, a power storage system manufacturer. Being an electrician myself, it was really interesting to go and talk to them about their product.

From the product they had on show and the amount of detail they went into when talking about the product did was really strong. The stand was laid out really well and the sales representatives there were really friendly and accommodating.

Was there anything that surprised you the most about attending InstallerSHOW?

In all honesty, just how big it was, particularly when compared to some of the other shows I’ve been to before that are more specific to the electrical space.

The event was spaced out and it was nice to see those added touches like the incredible food and drink options available. It was also great to get networking with other people in the industry and see first-hand some new tools and equipment.

What is your biggest takeaway from the SHOW?

My biggest takeaway would be again how impressive it was, for both electricians and plumbers, also the amount of people who attended. There was a lot of tools on-site and also a chance to see the latest systems and technology – I can’t wait to hopefully see it grow next year.

I would definitely recommend electricians attend, even if it is just simply to have a good day out with your mates and colleagues. I would recommend it for anyone.