Dr. Shrikant B. Sharma, BEng MTech PhD MIMechE, is the founder and CEO of SmartViz – a digital twin platform designed to boost building performance and user experience.

With over 20 years’ experience of bringing digital disruptions to the construction industry – Shrikant has led innovation in computational modelling, simulations, IoT, digital twin and big data analytics. His pioneering work on human behaviour modelling has helped numerous organisations supercharge the asset performance, energy efficiency, and human productivity and wellbeing across numerous verticals – workplaces, educational campuses, hospitals, museums, theatres, sports venues, airports, rail stations, and urban spaces.

Shrikant’s work saved Vodafone $40m per annum across its global portfolio of buildings. It helped major UK universities reopen after Covid-19 ensuring health and safety for over 200,000 students. It enabled the Royal United Hospital to optimise their outpatient departments and avoid having to build an expensive new development.

With SmartViz Shrikant aims to empower clients with intuitive, realtime sensor data analytics to tackle the fundamental challenge of all buildings – net zero compliance and a healthy and productive environment for all.