Neil Lawson is a specialist thermal engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a 25 year career in the field focusing on improved efficiency and reducing pollution. Involved in domestic, commercial, process, petrochemical and utility scale applications.

Since 2007 he has been involved in the GSHP industry firstly as Technical Director of ISO Energy developing efficient solutions for rural estates, exemplar green buildings and low carbon hotels using GSHP. Neil quickly identified the opportunity of simultaneous heating and cooling, pioneering its application. Since 2014 as Technical & Operations Director at Geothermal International moving into the integration of GSHPs with other low carbon technologies such as PV, solar thermal, CHP and waste heat for heating/cooling at the 3MW scale.

He is a Director of Sandford Hydro CIC, which is building 440kW of hydro power, currently the largest on the Thames, coupled to a series of GSHPs to provide heat and power to a community. Since 2011 Neil has been lobbying government on the benefits of the GSHP beyond the RHI.