Chantel has over 15 years’ experience in senior leadership positions within global Utilities, Sustainability, and other clean technology solutions providers.

She joins OakTree Power from NASDAQ-listed Gentrack where she served as the Sales Director for the global cleantech PLC.

At OakTree Power, Chantel will also draw on her previous achievements as Head of Sales at KiWi Power consisting of successfully delivering at scale proven smart grid and VPP global platform solutions to enable corporate clients to maximise the value of their energy assets from inception to final delivery.

An advocate for the global adoption of clean technology solutions, Chantel is committed to establish an open collaborative working approach with industry, policymakers, and co-opetition, empowering companies and OakTree’s clients to promote the changes leading to a sustainable world.

A proactive and fully engaged planet ambassador, Chantel is driving the fast expansion of OakTree Power’s exclusive 100% green flexible portfolio while positioning the company as an innovative solution provider for the neural grid of the future.

Chantel’s mission leads her to work closely with environmentally engaged corporate citizens to assist them in fully benefiting from the wide array of net-zero opportunities resulting from the ongoing paradigm shift in the energy sector.

Under her leadership, OakTree Power is ideally positioned to take advantage of the technological changes reshaping an increasingly integrated and efficiently managed global energy network.