Visit Halcyan Water Conditioners on stand B102 and Join the national team of Halcyan Heroes – get new customers and help save your customers money!

We are looking for forward thinking, professional plumbers to join our team of Halcyan Heroes. If that’s you, then we want to send you new customers and give you solid trade discounts on the most effective and sustainable product for treating limescale available in the UK. Here’s why.

If your customers live in a hard water area, they will no doubt have noticed visible limescale deposits on fixtures such as taps, showerheads and in their kettle. However, it’s doing so much more damage inside their boiler which they’re completely unaware of but you’re not!

Limescale damages all water-bearing appliances but the critical fact is that for every 1mm of limescale on the heating elements in a boiler, it takes 7-10% more energy to heat the water. For homes in hard water areas it’s common to see at least 2-3mm of limescale build-up which means your customers’ energy bills could be 25% or more than they need to be! Unbelievably, 16 million UK homes are affected by hard water yet fewer than 1% of them are protected against limescale.

By installing a Halcyan Water Conditioner, a family of 4 living in a new build house can reduce their CO2e emissions by 14% and their energy consumption by 12% per year, equivalent to up to £500 savings on their energy bills at today’s prices. Alternatively, a couple in a pre-1950’s home can also save £1,200 per year or more by reducing their energy consumption by 24% and their CO2e emissions by 12%. With energy prices set to increase again later in the year, the savings made by treating hard water could double.

The Halcyan Water Conditioner not only reduces existing limescale in your customers’ homes, but it also prevents new scale appearing and produces ‘softer’ water which makes soaps and detergents much more effective, so they use significantly less. This means they’ll also use fewer cleaning products which is great for the environment and means they can save up to £500 a year on purchases such as shampoo, washing powder, Calgon and nasty cleaning chemicals.

Over the longer term your customers’ appliances will require less maintenance and last up to twice as long, (although they’ll still need their annual service!) including expensive washing machines, dishwashers and even their boiler. Our research shows that this can save households up to £2,700 over the lifetime of their Halcyan Water Conditioner and make you rather popular in the process!

The Halcyan Water Conditioner is a salt and chemical-free device which treats hard water throughout the home. Offering preventative action, it also reduces limescale deposits already present in pipes and appliances, is maintenance free, installed in under an hour by a competent plumber, and comes with a 30 year warranty. It’s the size of an old Smarties tube and your customers can take it with them when they move home if they wish.

Visit us on stand B201 and learn how Halcyan Water Conditioners can help you to:

  • Get new customers and secure solid trade discounts on products
  • Deliver the most cost effective, sustainable water conditioner to your customers
  • Become part of a growing national network of Approved Installers

Our new Approved Installer Programme will help you to grow your business by providing a new, premium energy saving product to new, and existing customers. Sign up at the show and become part of this national team and grow your business.

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