Sevadis on why the future is electric

Sevadis is one of the sponsors of the Installing the Future. Now! feature at InstallerSHOW from 21st to 23rd June at the NEC. Ahead of the event, we spoke to the company’s Sultana Rahman to find out about its product range, what it will be talking about at the event and why the future is electric.

Have you seen a growing interest in EVs, from both installers and end-users? 

There is undoubtedly a growing interest in electric vehicles amongst the general public for many reasons; greater savings in the long run, increasing confidence in range, more models on the market and of course, the fact that driving an EV is more sustainable for the environment we live in. 

With the increase in interest for cleaner and greener vehicles, there is also a growing demand for electric vehicle charging points – something that installers of all shapes and sizes are benefiting from. What we’re finding is that installers across the UK are diversifying their portfolios by offering EV chargepoint installations to their domestic and commercial clients. Installers play a crucial role in the roll-out of the nation’s electric vehicle charging network and it’s certainly encouraging to see more and more installers join the green revolution by offering an important service for the future of electrified transport.  

You’re sponsoring our Installing the Future. NOW! part of the show, can you tell us why Sevadis believes this type of practical information is so important? 

Electric vehicle charging is still relatively a new industry, it’s only in recent years that the UK government has invested into the installation of charging stations for both private and public use. Showcasing and demonstrating our EV charging solutions at the InstallerSHOW not only provides installers with an insight into how easy chargepoint installations can be, but it also provides installers with the education to feel confident in including chargepoint installations as part of their services to their clients.  

Information is always important, there is never ‘too much information,’ particularly in an ever-growing and ever-evolving industry! 

What types of questions do installers usually ask you about EV charging? 

There are a number of questions that installers ask and rightly so, this is a new industry with various products entering the market to cater for numerous demands.  

Common questions include:  

  • Is the charger easy to install?  
  • Is the charger equipped with built-in PME fault detection?  
  • Does the charger provide dynamic load balancing capabilities? 
  • Does the charger have smart charging capabilities? 
  • Is the charger applicable for OZEV grant funding?  
  • How can my commercial clients generate additional revenue from their chargers?  
  • How can I as an installer benefit from offering an EV chargepoint installation service?  

The list does go on and as mentioned earlier, the industry is relatively new, therefore there really is a range of questions asked; from technical questions to how to sell the chargers to their clients. 

As leaders in providing EV charging solutions to the domestic, commercial and fleet markets, it is our responsibility to ensure installers are up-to-date with new regulations and legislation, as well as broader EV charging information. At Sevadis, no question goes unanswered, we have an experienced team of individuals with 15 years of collective experience in the EV industry.  

Who can install your products? 

Any competent installer can install our EV charging products; we do advise that the installer is Sevadis Approved, this way, installers can access informative training facilities, marketing support and guidance on their projects. For those who wish to install our EV charging points under the OZEV grants, installers must register to be an approved OZEV installer. 

What Sevadis products will visitors to InstallerSHOW be able to see? 

Sevadis will be showcasing the increasingly popular MaxiCharger. The MaxiCharger is perfectly suited for both domestic and commercial requirements, available in single phase and three phase, complete with built-in PME fault detection, integrated dynamic load balancing, OCPP compliant and available in socketed and tethered versions.  

The MaxiCharger is also available in a pillar format, providing a unique 2way solution for businesses and organisations offering charging facilities to staff, visitors and customers.  

The MaxiCharger offers charging outputs of 7.4kW, 11kW and 22kW.  

For businesses seeking to generate additional revenue with their charging points, the MaxiCharger offers a pay-to-charge solution either via the Sevadis Cloud smart-back office management system, or any OCPP compliant back-office solution on the market. 

Complete with the ability to activate charging using a mobile phone and/or RFID, the MaxiCharger provides electric vehicle drivers with a simple, straightforward and seamless charging experience. 

Can you tell us about MaxiCharger and why it’s the perfect solution for developments? 

The MaxiCharger is the ideal charging point for both housing and commercial developments as it offers a compliant, smart and easy-to-use and install solution for the growing EV market. With its universal socket, the MaxiCharger offers a charging system compatible with all EVs and PHEVs currently available on the market.  

With its built-in PME fault detection system, installers and developers can benefit from an easy and safe installation process, without the need for earth electrodes/rods.  

Whether the development requires charging solutions wall-mounted onto the property itself or a free-standing solution, the MaxiCharger provides the flexibility to cater for all locations and requirements.  

As more and more landlords of apartment buildings seek to offer EV charging facilities to their tenants, Sevadis understands the demand for communal EV charging solutions. Where communal EV charging is required at apartment car parks, the MaxiCharger is equipped with the capability to offer charging for multiple drivers and driver groups, whilst also offering a diverse range of ways to bill users on the usage of the charging points. 

The MaxiCharger is also complete with Dynamic Load Balancing which ensures that the electric vehicles are charged safely without exceeding the site’s overall electricity supply. Dynamic load balancing takes into consideration the site’s supply whilst charging the electric vehicles efficiently on restricted supplies.  

You’re also speaking in the elemental theatre, in a panel session about the rollout of EV chargepoints. How can Sevadis help social landlords looking to install these for their tenants? 

Luckily, social housing landlords are now eligible for OZEV grant funding towards the purchase and installation of their charging points, benefitting from up £350 grant funding per socket (there is no limit to the number of charging sockets per property, however applicants can only submit 200 grant funding applications per year).  

Sevadis can support with the above, whilst also working with the social housing provider from project conception to completion. Social housing providers can benefit from a dedicated account manager who will work closely with the chargepoint operator to understand the requirements for the property.  

Whether the social housing provider requires a wall-mounted floor-standing solution, a dedicated chargepoint per house or communal EV charging, the MaxiCharger can cater for each individual requirement.  

What do building owners, whether that’s residential or commercial buildings, need to consider when weighing up EV charging options? 

When taking EV charging into consideration, building owners will need to consider the following:  

  • Their electrical supply  
  • Taking the above into consideration, how many charging points are required  
  • Whether the charging points are for individual properties, or for communal car parks 
  • How they wish to bill users for the usage of charging points  
  • Do they have plans to increase the number of chargers on-site  
  • Will they be taking advantage of the OZEV grant funding available to them  
  • How do they wish to monitor chargepoint usage, consumption and any additional data  

And is there a solution for those properties that don’t have off-street parking? 

Absolutely. New developments are now considering communal EV charging locations to cater for the growing number of EV drivers on the roads. Communal charging at a designated car park is a great way to offer EV charging to those who do not have the facilities to recharge their vehicles at their property.  

What’s next for Sevadis (eg new products) and EV charging more generally? (eg trends etc) 

Well, that would be telling! At Sevadis, we are continuously working on innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We are a company with experience and the know-how, as well as the understanding that technology is in a constant state of evolution. Nothing is off the cards. We are currently working behind the scenes on some exciting developments, some of which will further support the housing development market.  

The industry continues to expand exponentially. What you can expect is that more and more chargers for the general EV driving public to use, particularly after the government announced a further £620m investment into electric vehicle charging points and grants.   

We’re seeing many energy companies, leasing providers, OEMs and industries alike introduce charging points as part of their solutions for their customers. This in itself presents ample opportunities for installers across the UK. With this in mind, expect to see domestic charging points on homes more so now than ever before, not to mention the mandatory requirements for EV charging points at new housing and commercial developments. 

The future is bright, the future is electric! 

For your free ticket to InstallerSHOW visit:  https://installer-2022-visitor.reg.buzz/news

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