Nuenta: 3 Key Benefits of Heat Pump Training for Installers & Engineers

Do I Need to be Qualified?
It’s important to know that although you don’t require a specific qualification to fit a heat pump, attending some training is highly recommended before starting an installation. The step up is to become an MCS heat pump installer. To do so, you need to attend industry courses.

Is Training Accessible?
Yes! The Ecoforest UK Academy hosted by Nuenta is the perfect place to get the necessary information and skills to get to grips with heat pumps. Our technicians are on-hand to support the design and practicality of the installation from purchase to use. Because the technicians that provide the training are MCS certified, you can opt for the MCS Umbrella Scheme.

MCS recognise contractual arrangements whereby you operate under the title of the Ecoforest technicians, receiving their support and guidance through the project. This is a fantastic option for installers and engineers just starting in the heat pump heating and cooling sector. Ultimately, those who manage the umbrella scheme are responsible for the work.

It’s not mandatory to have a competent person scheme to sign off on the installation. Paying for building control to sign off on the installation is an option.  To be part of a competent person scheme, you must be qualified.

1. Understand the Technology
If you’ve worked with the same equipment for long enough, you’re likely in a position where you’re confident in troubleshooting and thinking on your feet in a live environment. That’s the kind of service your customers credit you for; when there’s an issue, you’re the person they turn to.You undoubtedly didn’t feel so confident in the very beginning. But that’s expected! Training can help installers and engineers achieve a level of knowledge customers expect from professionals in their businesses and homes.

A proper understanding of heat pump technology will assist you in diagnosing issues efficiently and precisely, resulting in timely and accurate repairs. The more time and money you save for your customers, the better rapport you build and the more positive a reputation you receive.

2. Enhance Your Skills & Grow Your Business
During the training, engineers and installers learn how to install air and ground source systems and how the internal systems work. Training answers questions like configuring a heat pump for optimal efficiency, sizing a heat pump for the space, and integrating the system with other heating and cooling arrangements.

A sound installation will keep your customers happy while they save on their energy bills and enjoy the ease of such low-maintenance machines. However, if a heat pump is sized or installed incorrectly, it’s unlikely to operate at its full potential. Customers will likely experience increased electricity usage, heightened energy bills, and maintenance costs.

Many articles today provide bad press regarding heat pumps, filled with negative testimonials from homeowners resulting from poor installations. Incorrect and underprepared work impairs business reputation long-term, and the whole industry feels the aftershock. In contrast, solid installs completed with experience and knowledge will be commended. Glowing testimonials will boost your business significantly. This is true, especially when working with heat pumps because engineers and installers haven’t adopted them as universally as the renewable sector would like them to.

3. Career Development
The demand and interest in renewable, sustainable, and green heating and cooling technologies are gaining ground quickly. The best business models predict interest in new products and quickly incorporate them into their services.

Don’t get left behind. Training gives installers and engineers an advantage, making attractive employees and contractors.

Plus, who knows what’s around the corner? New technologies are being developed all the time. Understanding the freshest tech will likely feel even more complicated in the long term if you don’t keep up.

Access Training Now
Ecoforest training sessions run all year round, held by the heat pump industry’s most qualified technicians.

  • Expand your business and knowledge.
  • Gain CPD credits.
  • Evolve your services.
  • Join the heat pump movement and get up to speed with the latest renewable tech.

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