NIBE Q&A: Heat pump market insights and plans for InstallerSHOW

We caught up with NIBE to discuss the heat pump market and the company’s plans for InstallerSHOW 2024.

How has the market reacted to the F2050 ASHP since its launch?

Paul Smith, Managing Director: “The NIBE F2050 continues NIBE’s long history of innovation. When we bring new products to market, they are always best in class. The F2050 is no exception with high SCOPs, F-Series platform functionality in addition to being compact and quiet. It’s not only a hit with installers but also specifiers and homeowners – a product that suits all!”

Do you believe the CHMM will have a significant impact on heat pump sales if and when it finally arrives?

Paul Smith: “Any initiative that supports the markets transition to a fossil free future is welcome. As we know, greater use of clean heat technologies will result in lower customer bills, increased energy security and a reduction in UK carbon emissions. However, simply raising boiler prices alone is not enough. We must champion lower tariffs for heat pumps to reduce payback time for the consumer and this, along with highly efficient heat pumps – such as NIBE’s product range – will build consumer confidence and promote environmentally friendly and more cost-effective solutions.”

As a champion of exhaust air heat pumps, how do you see the future of EAHPs playing out in the UK?

Rick Clarke, Product Manager: “The future of Exhaust Air Heat Pump’s (EAHPs) looks very bright!

“It is now widely accepted that heat pumps will play a front seat role in the UK’s decarbonisation plans, with some recent projections predicting the market in the UK to grow by around 19% annually over the next decade. What we need, however, is a mixture of technologies to meet the requirements our varied housing stock – there is no ‘silver bullet’ solution for meeting Net Zero.

“With increased numbers of flats and apartments being built every year, developers are looking for a product that combines the efficiency of the latest heat pump technology and smart controls, with the comfort and reliability of hydronic heating systems. Whilst still a lesser-known cousin to the Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), EAHPs look set to be a major player in this sector, with sales increasing every year.

“The NIBE S735 EAHP provides a viable alternative to heat networks or individual ASHPs thanks to its compact footprint and integral components, which mean less internal space is required. Unlike ASHPs, there is no requirement for an outdoor unit; a particular benefit in flats where space is at a premium. There is also no need for expensive infrastructure works and disruption to the local area as is the case with district heating.

“A bonus feature of NIBE’s range of EAHPs is the ability to seamlessly integrate an MVHR component, satisfying the requirements of both Part F and Part O of the building regulations. NIBE’s EAHPs also use the natural refrigerant, R290, which has a GWP of 3.”

What does the NIBE Pro scheme offer to both existing installers of renewables and those looking to move into the sector?

Graham Bayne, Head of Installer Development: “Becoming a NIBE Pro Installer is a great option for any heating and plumbing engineer looking for a well-respected, supported and high-quality route into the market.  Installers can select the training route that suits their needs; either a Level 3 heat pump qualification with product training and support through the MCS certification process, or, if already MCS certified, there is the option to just undertake NIBE product training.

“Currently, NIBE doesn’t sell heat pumps direct to the consumer, so anyone interested in our products will be put in touch with their local NIBE trained installer. All of our products come with an extended warranty when installed by a NIBE Pro.

“Apart from long warranties, the benefits of affiliating yourself with NIBE include access to a wide and industry-leading product range, covering Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps for all sizes of property, plus Exhaust Air Heat Pumps, set to become a key solution for new build apartments and houses. Our state-of-the-art controls, including remote monitoring platform, MyUplink, are also second to none, improving the end user experience, while providing easy access for installers to adjust settings and check any issues that are flagged.

“Crucially, NIBE Pro Installers are well supported, with our team of expert engineers only a phone call away. The buck stops with NIBE, so if there is a problem, we will fix it.”

What do you have in store for visitors to InstallerSHOW?

Olivia Downing, Head of Marketing: “Visitors to the stand can view the latest NIBE products, including our newest Air and Ground Source Heat pump range, the S-Series, which boast our most advanced controls to-date. The latest Exhaust Air Heat Pumps and NIBE’s exclusive PV-T (Photovoltaic-Thermal) – a combination solar panel, generating electricity and hot water for a heat pump – will also be on display. There will be exclusive InstallerSHOW discounts on some of these products.

“We will be hosting a series of short seminars held throughout the show, where NIBE experts will demonstrate and discuss all sorts of topics – from how our products work, to what it takes to be a NIBE Pro installer and updates on the heat pump market in general. People can register to attend these seminars on our website for the chance to win £100 Amazon vouchers.”

“Installers who don’t already have their MCS can benefit from 50% off NIBE Pro training costs. And, for the first time ever, discounts will also be available for all MCS accredited heat pump installers – we’ll provide the NIBE specific product training if required. There will be some exciting updates to our NIBE Pro scheme coming soon, watch this space for more information!

“Apart from discounted training, we’ll also be giving away prizes – from tape measures to whole heat pump packs (heat pump and accessories). These will be available through our ‘Fan of Fortune’ – spin the fan for a chance to win!

Find out more on stand 5F46 at InstallerSHOW.

Register for your free ticket here.

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