Mixergy: How smart cylinders can help installers with the transition into renewable heating

Smart cylinders could contribute to the overall goal of reducing carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, which is a key driver in the adoption of renewable energy solutions. Installer asked Jon Tedstone, Director of Product Management at Mixergy, how fitting smart cylinders can significantly help heating installers facilitate their transition into the renewables market.

Jon Tedstone
Director of Product Management

How easily could smart cylinders integrate with renewable energy systems?
If you are gas boiler installer looking to branch out into the renewables space, then a smart cylinder is perfect because it will work with the gas boiler today, but also future proof your customers’ heating systems. For example, the Mixergy cylinder can reduce the cost of heating hot water with a Mixergy solar diverter by about 40%. The same cylinder, with the addition of a plate heat exchanger, is designed to integrate seamlessly with a heat pump in the future, without having to be replaced.

Equally, if the homeowner decides to add solar PV, that can also be linked to the cylinder. Excess electricity generated by solar panels can be used to heat water in the smart cylinder, providing a form of energy storage that can be used when solar generation is low.

Smart cylinders can also be integrated with smart electricity tariffs during off-peak times when it is cheaper.

There’s an important piece to add in here about Demand Side Response (DSR). The Mixergy cylinder can work in tandem with the National Grid. The grid has to work at 50 Hertz, so if it becomes unbalanced because it’s a really sunny or windy day and too much electricity is being generated, the National Grid can turn on the immersions of smart cylinders to dissipate the excess energy.

Integrated heat pump cylinders are another ‘stepping stone’ technology to offer to the homeowner who wants to take their first steps into the renewables arena, but who is not yet ready for a complete heating system transition.

How can smart cylinders enhance the installer’s offer to their customers?
By incorporating smart cylinders, installers can offer customers a more advanced, efficient, and environmentally friendly water heating solution. This can be a strong selling point in the growing renewables market. Customers can save on energy bills through the efficient use of renewables and also know that they are reducing their carbon footprint.

Smart cylinders are designed to be future proof, meaning they can adapt to new technologies and energy sources as they become available. This flexibility is a significant advantage for installers who want to provide solutions that will remain relevant and efficient in the long term.

Many smart cylinders come with user-friendly apps and interfaces, allowing your customers to monitor and control their heating systems remotely. This also means their performance can be monitored to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency, and any issues can be identified and diagnosed before there’s a problem – a great selling point for customers looking to maximise their investment in renewable technology.

Why should an installer upskill to fit smart cylinders?
Training in the installation and maintenance of smart cylinders and renewable systems can enhance their skills and marketability. Lots of homeowners are now talking about alternatives to gas, and, with the heating transition well under way, it’s important for installers to future proof their own businesses.

Installers will, of course, need their G3 Unvented certification, in order to install regular unvented cylinders. However, manufacturers, like us at Mixergy, also offer training on smart cylinders and integrated heat pump cylinders. This means that installers can offer a wider range of services and discuss these technologies with confidence, which gives them the opportunity to improve their credentials and creditability.

Fitting smart cylinders can provide heating installers with many benefits when entering the growing renewables market, including improved system efficiency, greater customer satisfaction and new business opportunities.

Find out more at www.mixergy.co.uk or head to stand 5H70 at InstallerSHOW.

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