City Plumbing on how installers can help the nation deliver net zero goals

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Installers can help the nation deliver Net Zero goals – but a survey from City Plumbing reveals they need help to get there.

If the UK is going to have enough installers to deliver Net Zero goals by 2050, it’s vital for the industry to act now; and the good news is that statistics from a City Plumbing survey shows they are open to advice – and want training.

Some of the key stats from the survey, which polled 184 professional installers to gauge their views, were illuminating.

For instance, although results varied between age groups, the figures show that 51% have no interest in expanding their business to include installing renewables.

The good news, however, is that 32% aspire to installing solar panels in future and 35% are considering installing heat pumps – a figure that rises to 60% for those aged 35-44.

Reaching and helping those installers is crucial, and some of the answers hint at how the industry can respond:

There’s evidence that installers need help to upskill and grow their business…

  • 46% of those who plan to scale up are not sure what the plan is
  • 55% want training on renewables and new technology
  • 24% say a lack of qualified installers in preventing them grow their business to meet new solar demand

Installers have clear views on the kind of support they need…

  • 55% want training on renewables and new technology
  • 20% would appreciate mentoring from someone in the industry who has successfully grown their business
  • 18% would like business planning advice
  • 17% would like access to financial advice
  • 12% want information about taking on an apprentice or new employee

We need to consider the age gap

There are significant differences between attitudes to renewables between younger and older installers emerging. This could mean that targeting those aged 25-34 and 34-44 – especially when it comes to training – could bring the best results as we look to the future:

Younger v Older league tables:

Those hoping to install solar PV in future

  • 1: 35-44s: 49%
  • 2: 25-34s: 38%
  • 3: 45-54s: 32%
  • 4: 55 and over: 22%

Those hoping to install solar thermal in future:

  • 1: 35-44s: 57%
  • 2: 25-34s: 50%
  • 3: 45-54s: 29%
  • 4: 55 and over: 25%

Those planning to install heat pumps in future:

  • 1: 35-44s: 44%
  • 2: 25-34s: 60%
  • 3: 45-54s: 29%
  • 4: 55 and over: 26%

When do you plan to upscale your business?

  • 1: 25-34s: Within 4 years
  • 2: 35-44s: Within 2 years
  • 3: 45-54s: Within 2 years
  • 4: 55 and over: Within 2.5 years

Those who say they need training:

  • 1: 35-44s: 66%
  • 2: 24-34s: 63%
  • 3: 45-54s: 57%
  • 4: 55 and over: 46%

Hemal Morjaria,  Managing Director, Energy Efficiency at City Plumbing, said: “There are some important issues to consider as the industry focuses on supporting the UK’s Net Zero ambitions.

“Our stats show that younger installers are more open to transitioning their business to include the installation of heat pumps and solar PV, and that’s important.

“With many of them planning to upscale within the next two years, and with the public showing increasing interest in solar and heat pump solutions, now is the time to provide training, advice and support.

“City Plumbing is playing its part after partnering with GTEC Training to provide training in the installation of heat pumps, solar PV and other renewable energy solutions at our new Energy Efficiency Centre. It’s up to all of us to play a role if the UK is to be Net Zero by 2050.”

Installers wishing to upskill and learn more about the opportunities around renewables can catch up with InstallerONLINE‘s Net Zero Week – a programme of free digital events, content and more, designed to help heating and plumbing engineers transition to a low-carbon future. Watch online sessions live or on demand here: https://www.crowdcast.io/@installer

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