Why ongoing professional development is vital

Roy Spurgeon
The CPD Certification Service

Roy Spurgeon from The CPD Certification Service on the value of professional development, whatever the sector.

In today’s changing world, there is an increasing expectation for professionals to undertake professional development regardless of industry sector, career level, job role and responsibilities. Whether it is in our professional or personal lives, the need for ongoing education has never been more important.

Employers are increasingly taking a proactive and supporting role with the CPD required to be taken by their employees. They can see the benefits of a more highly skilled, motivated and committed workforce and want to encourage this development.

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is the term used to describe the learning activities that professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. Continuing Professional Development is about the individual and their commitment to ongoing lifelong learning.

CPD Accreditation

Providing training courses and events with CPD accreditation can help organisations meet new audiences by demonstrating a commitment to recognised learning standards. External validation demonstrates the steps taken to deliver the highest standards of learning to their delegates. The ‘CPD Certified’ symbol can aid in making a CPD activity instantly recognisable to millions of professionals across the world as a sign of quality and credibility.

Each CPD activity is benchmarked against a proven assessment criteria to ensure that the required standards are met across a number of key areas. It must be educational in content, structured coherently, with clear learning objectives and outcomes.


CPD accreditation often helps to increase delegate bookings and create a discernible competitive advantage from other potential competitors. CPD accreditation demonstrates an organisations credibility and showcases their commitment to lifelong learning. Consumers are more likely to choose a CPD certified course over a non-accredited alternative due to the higher quality standards associated with them.

Gaining CPD accreditation provides a greater profile recognition and credibility, and offers access to experienced CPD experts who offer advice and a framework to help you continuously improve as a business. The accreditation process is fast, detailed and invaluable as you drive your organisations Continuing Professional Development objectives forward.

About The CPD Certification Service

The CPD Certification Service evaluates further learning activities to the highest standards. We work with employers from all industries, ranging from consultancy firms to training providers, large employers, conference & event organisers, universities, further education colleges, local authority and Government departments.

The CPD Certification Service provides different membership levels to suit needs and budgets. Please contact our team to discuss in more detail.

myCPD Portal

The myCPD Portal is a free online tool that helps to record learning outcomes and objectives of each training activity attended, store certificate of attendance, as well as the name of each training provider and the number of CPD hours completed for each record. This makes it easier to reflect on knowledge and skills that have been obtained and download records for CPD purposes.

For more information on the myCPD Portal go to – https://cpduk.co.uk/cpd-portal

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