What does heat pumps content trend mean for the industry?

Joe Sharpe
Head of Content - Installer

Articles on the subject of heat pumps were the most read on the Installeronline.co.uk website in August 2022. Joe Sharpe, Head of Content at Installer, looks at what this growing trend means for the industry.

Heat pumps are not a new technology and have been successfully installed in many countries worldwide, however in the UK a small fraction are installed compared to boilers.

When I first entered the industry way back in 2012 it was riding a renewable wave, with installers being told that if they weren’t fitting heat pumps in the next five years, they wouldn’t be fitting anything.

We know that it didn’t pan out that way but with a mix of government pledges, incentive schemes and quality engineers installing quality heat pump systems, there is a confidence that the market is on the up.

We’ve seen the headline numbers like the government’s target to install 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028, and are closely watching the Boiler Upgrade scheme which launched earlier this year.

This is presenting opportunities to installers, manufacturers and all of the industry, which was reflected at InstallerSHOW this year. More brands than ever were focussing on key themes like heat pumps, low-temperature heating systems, system design, balancing and all the products and training to achieve this.

As with any technology, there are still discussions and debates about the best way to install heat pump systems, which properties will benefit the most, what are the easiest wins and how to achieve an ambitious UK-wide rollout.

Not everyone does and will agree but there is no doubt that there is a real appetite from installers who are looking at heat pump systems, the market, the training and the incentives with a keen eye.

It’s a long road to Net Zero by 2050 but it’s clear that Heat Pumps are going to play a big part.

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