Unveiling the Silver Bullet to Retrofitting 28m UK Homes

Rachel Brown
Marketing & Communications Manager, National Retrofit Hub

As an industry, we face a collective challenge in navigating the myriad of solutions available for decision-makers seeking the most suitable approaches for their building/s.

With the UK government’s commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, coupled with goals to reduce fuel poverty and enhance energy security, addressing the energy and water inefficiency of the nation’s 28 million homes is imperative.

The unique nature of the UK’s housing stock, with variations in form, construction type, location, age, condition, heritage value, and tenure, poses unique opportunities and constraints for retrofit initiatives.

While the benefits of improving the energy performance of existing homes are well-known, the National Retrofit Hub (a nonprofit organisation working with the industry to enable the delivery of housing retrofit across the UK) asserts that the silver bullet isn’t a singular magical solution. Instead, we firmly believe that the key lies in the approach itself.

At the National Retrofit Hub, we believe that this silver bullet lies in the collective brilliance of the retrofit sector—comprising exemplary work, extensive knowledge, and diverse skills.

The true silver bullet, as we see it, emerges from amalgamating these resources to create a series of impactful outputs. It is through this collaborative effort that we aim to provide a set of tools, insights, and solutions that can be universally employed to facilitate large-scale retrofitting initiatives.

By bringing together the wealth of expertise in the field, we envision not just incremental progress but a transformative leap toward achieving widespread and sustainable retrofitting across the board.


Learnings from the Hub:

  • Retrofit insight 1: The answers are within

There is a wealth of knowledge and skills across the built environment that look at the 6 focus areas of our working groups, with some excellent case studies and practical suggestions. It’s this collaboration that has enabled us to begin developing tangible outputs.

  • Retrofit insight 2: The power of collective working groups

Our working groups are collaboratively solving big challenges precisely because people are coming together. By mapping activities, we can spot the gaps and target how and where we focus our attention

  • Retrofit insight 3: Retrofit is a huge business opportunity

The scale of trained people, appropriate materials, and technologies required to meet the retrofit challenge is vast. What we require is a significant acceleration in delivering not only new, but existing skills and education, expansion of home grown and produced materials, and the deployment at scale of both innovative and tried and tested technologies. There is room at the table for everyone.


Don’t miss out:

Join our free Open Meeting on February 21st to find out how you can support the industry to help enable retrofit to happen at scale in the UK: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/national-retrofit-hub-open-meeting-our-progress-and-priorities-tickets-798650564337?aff=oddtdtcreator

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