Can data grow like money?

Scott Muncaster
MD, three rocks Ltd

How (financially) healthy is your data?

Ah data – can be a bit like money? Not enough and you want more, too much and perhaps you don’t know what to do with it. Ignore it and it stays the same, invest in it and it can grow and do great things for you and your business. In fact, if you don’t invest and grow your data, it will limit your capacity for growth.

There are some easy steps to take to start you on the road to being the right kind of data-driven business. Take a step back and have a look at it – like your finances!

Where are you in the seven stages of data analysis – or in other words – how healthy is your database?

Where would you like to be and how will you get there?  Don’t worry we all have to start somewhere…

Let’s start simple:

Stewardship – are you looking after your data (don’t shove it under a mattress)? Is it secure and more importantly, compliant? (Your answer should be yes – if the answer is no, please drop us a line!).

Great, your data is now safe and secure! Now you can start to make a difference:

Leverage –my data is secure and compliant, what can I do with it? This is where the fun starts – think about what you could do. Do you know who your customer base is? Where did they find you? Can you find out more about them? Where can you find more like them? What customers (B2B and B2C) will want to get to know you better?

Data driven results – measurable achievements from your data to get you to be a real data driven business. It is not just CRM (!) you can show results in all parts of your business.

To find out more about what things you can do to be a data driven business – get in touch with us.

About three rocks – Together – we work with you and your team to become your tech ally. Better – we provide a better way to do things, people first and customer-centric. Different – our approach is different; we take time to understand how your company operates and tailor our solutions to your business needs.

Ready to find out more about three rocks? Visit our website or email us direct.

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