An awesome responsibility

Eoin McManus
CEO, Lyrical Communications

What makes a good exhibition? That’s the million-dollar question. The UK has had its fair share of HVAC and build shows over the past decade or so, some have been very successful while others have sunk without a trace.

As exhibition organisers we can learn from these past events – what works, what doesn’t, what to avoid, what to embrace. We are also helped by data, which has revolutionised the events industry and brought huge benefits to organisers plotting the development of an event.

The insight this data provides is absolutely invaluable. Data allows us to build a very clear picture of our visitor – we know what they’re interested in, what they want to see and what they want to talk about. This insight is gold when you’re planning an event.

Data plus access to social media channels also help us to connect directly with our visitor groups, far more effectively than traditional marketing of say ten years ago. We’re able to profile our visitors and develop bespoke marketing campaigns that specifically address their interests without bombarding them with information that’s of no interest to them whatsoever.

InstallerSHOW has changed, developed and grown thanks to this technology and insight. It’s allowed us to expand our visitor base while still remaining loyal to the installers who made it all happen back in 2015.

It’s also helped the event to become relevant in ways we could have only hoped when we launched the show in 2015.

We’ve gone from talking about heating and plumbing to focusing on the much wider aspects of heat, water, air and energy. And in doing so we’ve attracted thousands of visitors who specify and make decisions about projects large and small in everything from healthcare and hospitality to leisure and education – not forgetting the huge domestic and commercial markets where many of our installer visitors dominate.

We’ve also attracted hundreds of world-leading exhibitors who see the event as a key route to market.

InstallerSHOW also benefits from the huge potential and responsibility of decarbonisation and the journey to net zero. I say responsibility because it is the people working across heat, water, air and energy who are, and will be, responsible for the design, development, implementation and delivery of the technologies that will deliver on climate targets and the ultimate goal of net zero.

That’s why InstallerSHOW’s content programme is second to none. Where else in the UK can we hear from the industry’s leading innovators and thinkers – all in one place?

InstallerSHOW is ground-breaking in this sense. Ideas that will shape our future will be discussed and debated during this three-day event, and the importance of this vital discourse cannot be overestimated.

So, what makes InstallerSHOW different and how has it changed? To say that it’s a force for change would not be an exaggeration. And that’s how it’s changed. Heat, water, air and energy are at a cross-roads. What we decide today – at events like ours and at numerous others across the globe – will determine the future for generations to come.

That’s an awesome responsibility, so let’s make sure we do everything we can to get it right.

InstallerSHOW is back at the NEC Birmingham, 25-27 June. Get your free ticket here.

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