At the centre of Grant UK’s stand at this year’s InstallerSHOW is their Aerona³ heat pump range and complete package solution offering. The heating industry today is going to look very different within the next decade and Grant UK wants to support their customers, both existing and new, by providing the products and services that their businesses need in order to adapt. Grant UK therefore welcomes visitors to their stand – C131 – to see their products and discover how heat pump installations can be made straightforward when installers choose Grant. 

The number of air source heat pumps being installed each year is set to increase considerably over the next few years – consumer demand for more sustainable heating solutions is growing and the Government has set ambitious targets for heat pump installations. More installers will be needed to fulfil this demand and this presents exciting opportunities for the sector. However, those working with low temperature systems must be trained and truly understand how they work. 

Before an installer embarks on their first air source heat pump installation, they must put time aside to complete product training so that they understand how a low temperature system works and how it differs to a gas or oil boiler. A heat pump system has particular design considerations which must be thoroughly planned during the design phase of an installation and this where Grant UK can step in and support installers. Alongside their Design support services, which include heat loss calculations and system specifications, Grant UK have also developed their product portfolio to make heat pump installations less complicated.  

One such product, which will be on display at InstallerSHOW, is the Grant combined volumiser/low loss header. This unit is designed to help control the many factors which can affect the performance of a heat pump, serving to provide an extra 11.5 litres to the system volume connected to the heat pump while also giving hydraulic separation of the primary circuit of the heat pump from the secondary system circuit. What this means is the Grant combined volumiser/low loss header enables installers to separate the heat pump from the rest of the system, which is beneficial in a number of ways. 

Grant UK wants to showcase its combined volumiser/low loss header at this year’s InstallerSHOW, to educate heating installers about how it works and the benefits it can bring to a heat pump installation. Not only is it easy to install but this unit has the potential to make heat pump installations more straightforward, providing consistency and helping installers to future-proof their heat pump installations. 

Join Grant UK on Stand C131 at InstallerSHOW to learn more about their range of heat pumps and ancillary products and, in the meantime, please visit 

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