TFT – Tradesmen to Forex Traders

Stand: 4L11

TFT is a UK based – yet internationally recognised – friendly, independent Foreign Exchange educational organisation with one sole purpose…to help others through their FOREX journey.

Our founder, Shaun Mapp, created the TFT group with the aim of helping tradesmen who were looking to spend more quality time back with their loved ones. He knew that the amount of hard work, graft, and energy that we pour into our trades often goes under-appreciated. He had a desire to help people like himself get off the tools and get their time back rather than quoting jobs or chasing late invoices!

We are not professional traders, nor qualified to provide stable financial advice; but what we do bring to the table is an openness and honesty which can be hard to find. Together we have over 22 years’ worth of trading experience, with numerous failures behind us; all of which have made us into the consistent, meticulous traders we are today. We are all human, and it’s important to remember that we do lose from time to time, and anyone that tells you differently is likely lying to you!

The FOREX markets require you to be many things, but the top characteristics we would identify are;

● Patience

● Consistency

● Adaptable

And most importantly, always stay as sharp as possible because the unexpected is just around the corner!

Unlike many others, we will never over exaggerate and claim we are the best and most talented out there. We have all had failed accounts and setbacks along the way, but these things have given us valuable lessons which we now want to pass onto you, helping you to avoid making the same mistakes that we did when we started. Something we are very confident and proud of is our growing community, we are one big family that truly want nothing but success for one another!

Finally, we can’t make you a millionaire overnight, and none of us can be correct 100% of the time…but take a minute to think of how much time you spend each day scrolling on Facebook or watching Netflix… could you spare 30 minutes of that time every day to start changing your life? If you have that dedication, a big heart, are ready to hustle, and have a hungry desire for a better life, we WILL help you in every way we possibly can.

The rest is down to you!

“I would rather be tired than broke”

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