Understanding water quality and its impacts adds revenue and professional standing for installers

Understanding how corrosion occurs and the impact of poor water quality on closed loop systems is critical to both the longevity and efficiency of heating systems. Early failure of expensive component parts and sludge and slurry caused by corrosion fixing in pipes creates for expensive and inefficient systems. Many installers have been disillusioned with chemicals water treatment as despite following chemical guidelines there has been no change or a worsening in water quality. With popular influencers promoting chemical free water treatment more and more installers have been switching to chemical free for its reliable performance and a its fit with the growing environmental awareness of homeowners.

A recent Installer Magazine article spoke to heating engineers who have been using Elysator’s equipment to deliver this method of water treatment and what was common was that none of them were going back to chemicals. Whether systems have suffered from poor water quality or if they are new systems, it’s been Elysator’s reliability in cleaning and maintaining the water quality that has seen them become ambassadors for chemical free principles.

Some installers on new systems only use demineralised water, commonly referred to as demin, which has a strictly controlled pH and conductivity. The new system is filled with demin water from the outset through the Purotap Leader which has a deionising resin bed that controls pH to a minimum of 8.2 and a conductivity of zero. Annual servicing visits follow where the water is tested and topped up using the Purotap Micro which is a mobile filling cartridge. This ensures the system is maintained with the same quality of demin fill water that it was filled with. Chris Flaherty of Vietec said “I guarantee filling and topping up with engineered water, which has low conductivity and the correct pH, will minimise the risk of corrosion giving your clients a trouble-free system. Since using this method I have not had a call back or issues relating to corrosion caused by poor water quality”.

All the engineers who contributed to the article were keen to point out that helping clients to understand water quality and its importance adds to their professional standing and is the impetus for the all-important word-of-mouth recommendations. Wayne Kirby who has been using Elysator products for 3 years felt the focus on knowledge and understanding the different elements of a heating system and their impacts has given him the opportunity to pick and choose his clients. “When you explain the importance of water quality the client buys into it. They see how impressive the Leader looks in operation and it elevates you as a professional meaning they buy into you as an installer,” said Kirby before adding “Nearly all my work is referral and I now deal with better projects where they are buying my professionalism and not the price”.

Whilst some installers just use the Purotap range others had been using the Sorbox units which are a permanent install as part of the heating system. The Sorbox helps to not only protect and maintain the water quality but also clean through existing issues in heating systems. Wayne Kirby’s recent use of Sorbox on a large domestic system, which had been dogged by poor water quality, ensured the long-term protection of the system’s water quality. Whilst Dan Large of Solaris Heating doesn’t give clients the option and always fits Sorbox as part of his new installs ” We always fill with demin and install a Sorbox as we only fit heat pumps, which are expensive bits of kit. We are here to do a good job and we don’t want the call outs and failures that poor water quality delivers hence the use of demin and the SorbOx units”. Dan also felt it was more in chime with the client’s and their own sustainability thinking whilst also adding credibility and servicing benefits “We do the aftercare of the system and check water quality and refill with demin which is a good revenue source. We also feel good that we are increasing component life so reduce waste with the need for new parts and its more sustainable which is important to us”.

Elysator will once again be exhibiting at InstallerSHOW on stand A171 and along with their partners will be giving talks each day on their experiences and the how to for chemical free water treatment. Any visitors who register on the Elysator stand or during any of the talks for the Leader bundle show deal will also receive a free Purotap Micro worth over £100.