elemental – the online community for advancing technologies in heat, water, air and energy – and ESTA, the UK’s leading authority on energy management, have agreed to work closely on a range of initiatives in 2022.

Since its inception over two years ago, elemental has become a dynamic, online meeting place for people who make decisions about heat, water, air and energy, and for businesses developing and manufacturing these technologies.

As the net zero wave gains momentum, the need for businesses across the HVAC sector to collaborate and debate the direction of travel will only increase, and the need for organisations such as elemental and ESTA to work together to ensure people are well informed will be key.

“ESTA has a long-term commitment to reducing energy consumption through the application of technology and expert services,” said ESTA Executive Director Mervyn Pilley.

“In order to achieve this, we are heavily involved in promoting the economic benefits of energy demand reduction through efficiency, and this this partnership with elemental will undoubtedly enable us to reach even more people.”

A programme of activity is currently being worked out between ESTA and elemental but will include online seminars, as well as face-to-face engagement through the elemental content theatres at InstallerSHOW, taking place at the NEC Birmingham, 21-23 June 2022.

“elemental is delighted to be working with ESTA at such a pivotal time for our industry,” said Lyrical Managing Director Michael Costain.

“Their strong leadership and insight combined with our significant reach within the UK HVAC community will provide a powerful and influential voice at a time when the industry is looking for guidance and direction.”