The leading manufacturer of water saving flow regulators and aerators, Neoperl UK, is giving away an iPad Air at the Installer Show this year.  Visitors to stand H142, will be invited to enter a competition by guessing the number of Flow Regulators they are displaying in a cube on the stand.

Neoperl UK will also be running a demonstration rig showing how water can be saved by retro fitting one of their Pressure Compensating Aerators (PCA) or flow regulators to bathroom and kitchen taps and valve showers.

It’s estimated that 34% of all water used in the home is through showering and bathing and here’s where the fitting of a flow regulator or PCA can help. Today these small devices can be retrofitted and inserted at the end of a tap spout or upstream of the shower outlet, to reduce and regulate the water flow. A standard shower will produce around 18 litres of water a minute and yet an equally comfortable shower is possible from a shower head delivering around 12 litres of water. If one considers a 7-minute shower a day that’s over 15,000 litres of water saved by one person in a year. Add to that the savings that can be made by reducing the flow in bathroom and cloakroom taps, which are often just used for cleaning teeth and hands and the savings really add up. And using less water results in saving the energy used to heat it too!

A clever little flow regulator device is technically engineered and has an integral dynamic control ring (DCR) at its core. As water flows through it and as the pressure fluctuates the DCR deforms into the core of the flow regulator, either reducing or increasing the size of the orifice, to enable a stable and constant flow, independent of pressure. To retro fit a flow regulator or PCA can be an easy job for a plumber, they simply need to obtain the right advice as to which product to fit to retain adequate performance and they need to purchase a simple tool to fit it. A quick simple fix to help save water and the environment. Neoperl UK is a huge manufacturer of these devices and whilst they manufacture many different types and sizes, they advise that most UK taps and showers are compatible with just a handful of models.

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