The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has launched a free pipework specification tool to address growing concerns about the way products are selected for construction and engineering projects.

The BESA Pipe Plus app provides designers, contractors, consultants, and specifiers with technical guidance to help them identify the most suitable metal pipework solution for their specific applications and ensure they are referring to the latest relevant technical standards and best practice.

The app is free of charge and was developed by the Association’s Pipework Group, in partnership with the British Metal Tubes and Fittings Association (BMTFA). The collaborative exercise brought together manufacturers’ technical expertise, distributors’ understanding of poor specifications, and installers concerned about reducing risks associated with poor or incorrect product selection.

All aspects of pipe specification are covered for construction and building engineering projects, including guidance on all relevant materials such carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper, and the appropriate jointing options, as a function of temperature and pressure.

The BESA Pipe Plus App is available from all regular app stores including Apple, Google etc.


Don’t miss the BESA Theatre at InstallerSHOW

BESA has partnered with elemental UK and InstallerSHOW to bring its industry knowledge to the InstallerSHOW audience and will be hosting informative in-person sessions at the BESA Theatre across the show.

The BESA Theatre will be home to a selection of sessions, aimed at building engineers and those seeking to further their professional knowledge, enhance their skills and ensure they remain fully qualified and competent in an environment of fast-moving changes and directives.