VDI2035 – What installers need to know – a non-additive alternative to chemical water treatment

Theatre: Installer Theatre
Day: 21st June
Start time: 1:00 pm
End time: 2:00 pm

David Whitfield MD of Elysator will be presenting on how to protect clients’ closed-loop systems from corrosion and bacteria without the need for chemical additives. The workshop will include:

An overview of VDI2035 and principles of electrochemistry
How to apply to new systems
How to apply to old systems
How to size a system
Financial and operational benefits for clients and installers of non-chemical water treatment
Kit review – Sorbox Units and domestic kit

The workshop is for domestic and commercial installers who work on recirculation systems. Elysator works on any type of closed-loop network and has particular benefits for heat pumps as it stops the common issues of blocked strainers and the tripping of the heat pump system.

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