Calor has exclusively launched BioLPG, a new eco-friendly gas that can help reduce your customer’s carbon footprint significantly. This off-grid gas is an ideal alternative to other rural fuel options such as oil or solid fuel.  

Installers interested in BioLPG can talk to calor at Installer2018 on stand A60.

What is BioLPG?

BioLPG is made from renewable materials, and can reduce your customer’s carbon footprint for home heating by up to 38 per cent compared to heating oil.[1] BioLPG is chemically identical to standard LPG but is created from a mix of renewable and waste materials.

BioLPG and LPG are both versatile fuels, offering all the convenience and flexibility of mains gas. This means they are suitable for heating and hot water, but also for cooking and gas fires, and even appliances such as tumble dryers.

Easy switching

BioLPG is classed as a ‘drop in’ fuel, which means it has the exact same chemical composition as conventional propane. It’s compatible with current LPG heating systems and appliances, and the system requires no additional upgrades or adjustment. Therefore, if your customer is currently using conventional LPG, they can easily switch to BioLPG.

As BioLPG works with LPG systems, homeowners switching from alternatives such as oil can use a standard LPG tank and boiler. For storage there is a range of options available – an above ground tank, underground tank, or Calor Compact.

The process for arranging a switch to BioLPG is straightforward too, for only a small price premium Calor will take care of the change to the greener fuel.

What’s more, clever top-up technology is available on tanks and cylinders to monitor gas levels, alerting homeowners when they’re running low and automatically scheduling a delivery. This means your customer will not have to worry about manually checking fuel levels or reordering.

If you want to learn more about how you can help your customers switch to LPG or BioLPG from Calor, speak to your local Calor rep or visit