Stuart Turner is heading back to Installer2018, and will be demonstrating how their further expanded Mainsboost range solves the problem of low mains water pressure at this year’s exhibition.

Mainsboost Water Performance Solutions offer a solution for any sized property where low pressure or low flow mains water problems exist. Designed to be connected directly to the incoming mains water supply to ensure water performance is delivered on demand and where you want it, when you want it.


The Mainsboost range is manufactured to the same high performance and reliability standards associated with their established shower and whole house water boosting pump brands; Monsoon and Showermate.

Stuart Turner water boosting pumps and systems are specifically designed to provide a comprehensive range of total water solutions for applications in both domestic and commercial markets.

With a market leading reputation in the design and manufacture of high quality Total Water Solutions, you can be confident that you are investing a name you can trust to deliver quality, reliability and design innovation.

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