The options for heat pumps in the UK have significantly improved following a partnership between Regulus (a European company synonymous with high quality heating components) and CTC, who distribute their range of heat pumps built by Enertec.

Regulus has developed their IR 12 controller to provide a complete WiFi connected, intuitive interface which will manage a mix of system components seamlessly – for example, biomass, solar PV and heat pump sources, outputting to traditional radiators or underfloor systems.

Naturally, Regulus wanted to match the controller with a heat pump with engineering quality that matches their own, and the CTC heat pump is a natural choice. So confident are the manufacturers that they have included a 7 year warranty.



  • Smart control for the best utilisation of renewable energy sources
  • Multiple heating zones control, hot water and heating
  • Simple temperature control by an adjustable thermostat in the room
  • Simple controller adjustments via a web browser or phone App
  • Control and information on your heating system from anywhere over the internet
  • Access to the controller menu from a computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • The controller can send failure reports directly to your e-mail account
  • Communication with the controller is also possible via SmS text messages
  • Remote monitoring which can avoiding the need for a technician travelling to the site


Technical Information:

The EcoAir 400 series Air to Water Heat Pump is available for 3 phase or single phase electrical supplies.

  • Output figures for 3 phase models range from 6 kW to 20 kW
  • Output figures for single phase models range from 6 kW to 10 kW

The EcoAir 500M are variable speed inverter driven Air to Water Heat Pumps

  • Output figures between 2 kW to 10 kW single phase and 3 phase 4.9 kw to 22 kW

The EcoPart 400 series Ground to Water Heat Pump

  • Output figures range from 6 kW to 14 kW single phase and 6 kW to 17 kW 3 phase


Part of the InstallerWORKS feature at InstallerSCOTLAND, Ashburn will be providing live demonstrations of their products and how to fit them – with experts on hand for both days to answer any questions about working with renewable technologies.

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