After the success of last year’s inaugural InstallerINVENT, four more products have been chosen for the Installer2017 exhibition in Coventry this May.

project soter
Every year, there are an estimated 50 deaths and 4,000 injuries as a result of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning caused by faulty gas appliances.

Project SOTER is a breakthrough safety device that’s designed to automatically turn off faulty gas appliances by using its intelligent sensors to learn, store and act upon the alarm signal of a CO detector.

Its straightforward installation means that neither the gas supply nor the appliance have to be disturbed, and its low cost makes for a comprehensive means of protection as well as peace of mind for consumers.

Created by registered gas engineer, Ben Kuchta of Quantic Corporation Limited, it’s designed with both installer and consumer in mind.

“Over the years I’ve dealt with many dangerous gas appliances and as a registered gas engineer, I’ve created project SOTER as a platform to protect consumers from CO poisoning.”

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pipesnug 500 newManufactured in the UK, PipeSnug is patent pending and designed so that any plumber or builder can use it to seal the hole where a pipe exits a wall. Traditionally, this job is done by pointing or sealing the hole with mortar, silicone or expanding foam.

Quicker, cheaper, and cleaner than all these methods, PipeSnug can be used in all weathers on any plumbing or construction project – giving the job a quicker, smarter finish.

The product’s snug fit also means that PipeSnug helps to maintain the energy efficiency of the property, by tightly filling in any gaps where heat would otherwise escape. This helps installers to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations and keeps the risk of heat escaping from a building to a minimum.

PipeSnug is the evolution of an idea by Chris Burdett, a builder and bricklayer with over 25 years’ experience in the trade.

“The PipeSnug concept came to me out on site one day when I was preparing to point mortar around a waste pipe for what seemed like the millionth time.

“I realised a simple fitting would save so much time compared to mixing mortar or applying silicone around the pipe, as well as blending into the fabric of the building visually.”

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bath awardPlatinumpie has developed a new and innovative quick-fit bath framework for the plumber, carpenter and bathroom installer. It is a strong and secure galvanised/spray coated metal framework which fits perfectly under the lip of the bath, it is perfectly suited for tiling or even a traditional bath panel.

The framework is fully adjustable for baths 1400-1800 in the length, 700/750/800 in the width and 460 to 570mm in the height. It is cost-effective, making it far cheaper than labour and materials of a traditional method. The framework can be fitted after the bath has been installed, either by the plumber himself or another tradesperson, making organising trades much easier and can be fitted in around 30minutes only, saving a huge amount of time.

The frame comes as a front-only frame that can be tied into two walls or a front and end frame that connects together to form a traditional bath layout. It’s the modern choice for professionals.

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tap medicDripping taps. Plumbers loathe them. The customer sees the dripping tap as a simple problem, but it’s not. There are thousands of variations of tap cartridges installed in British homes. TapMedic is introducing a patent pending kit of parts.

The kit will allow plumbers to fix more than 90% of faulty taps on the first visit; no need to source supplies from merchants or buy new taps. The kit will be especially welcomed by plumbers dealing with leaking bath taps – without the kit, baths often have to be either partially or completely uninstalled to replace the tap; with the kit, the cartridge can be replaced in minutes.

Benefits for plumbers will come from reduced cost of parts, increased effectiveness, increased efficiency and increased levels of customer satisfaction.  A happy dripping tap customer is more likely to return to that plumber when they need a new bathroom or a new boiler.

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